Thursday, 20 February 2014

February's Post

2014 started with me running...... let me explain it like this.

 I had all the best intentions of maintaining my blog like I finished last year off;.... writing posts at least every week. Has that happened?? NO
Here it is nearly at the end of February and I have only had 3 entries. I am going to try to make amends in the next few weeks.

Today, I am in my craft room after 3 very busy weeks getting lots of music stuff organized for my church for the coming year.  You know the photos I posted late last year onto here of my NEW church, well ...... that lovely new building is to be officially opened this Saturday and I have trying to get the band together and choosing music etc. Hence limited time to get crafty and blog..

Today I am showing a few cards that I sent to help a friend. She supplies cards to the oncology ward at her hospital where she has treatment and I thought this was an opportunity to donate some surplus cards that I have in my stash.                                                              

 I hope you are having a Creative Day,        
                                                     xx Liz