Friday, 20 June 2014

Creative Time

Winter hit Sydney on the 1st June with icy winds and a drastic drop in temperature. The days are shorter and that means I feel like staying in and playing. I have been creative in a good way but have not been posting my creativity, which is a bad thing.

   I have added some more layers to a quilt I am hand piecing. I started this project on my cruise to New Zealand back in March. The quilt is called Lady Marmalade and is designed by Sarah Fielke. This means that I have come about half way now into the over all finished quilt. Am I sick of circles? Not on your life!!   I have have just done another 28 for the next round.

I am determined to keep going whilst I am still enjoying it, which I am.

Hope you are having a creative day,

XX Liz

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